I’m Kai Zhuang. I’ve been studying in Canada for 5 years since 17 years old. I’m currentlly in Bachelor of Game Design program in Sheridan College.

I love game design and game development. I focus on project management, gameplay design and prototyping. I like to prototype and polish ideas that i find interesting and explore how to offer players with better gaming experience.

So far I have created 10+ game prototypes on Windows, Android, IOS and other platforms.


During my middle school, unlike most of my friends, I was not a big fun in competitive games. I love military and history. The games I played at the beginning are also generally related, and basically RTS and FPS: Total War, Age of Empire, Call of Duty, World of Tanks, Company of Heroes, etc.

Later, my interests gradually expanded, and was no longer limited to military-related. I began to try more and more type of games.

During this period, I was exposed to some games that touched my life a lot: Skyrim, Dota2, Borderlands, Fallout and so on. These games undoubtedly shocked me back the time.

Afterwards, I got in touch with Steam, Origin, and the games I played grew exponentially (The left picture shows my steam library).


With my love for games, my interest gradually changed from playing games to “I want to make games”.

Then i met Sheridan College. Prepare the portfolio——application——1:25 out rate, I finally got my wish.

On the first day of entering the program, I knew that this was exactlly what I wanted.

So far, I have learned game programming, mechanism analysis and design, level design, game narrative, game history, prototyping, character design, 3D modeling, 2D, 3D animation production, etc.


Chinese Students and Scholars Association

During my college time, I served as the President of Sheridan CSSA. Under the guidance of Chinese Embassy. I tried my best to offer Sheridan Chinese students with the best possible help and support.


YanHuoWeiEr is the first team I formed. The team consists of 16 people from all over the world. Except a few friends around me, the rest are all met online. YanHuoWeiEr is the team which responsible for the development of the “Lost Deer ” project.

There are already many excellent works in Chinese games, but I think there can be more and better, as well as products that exceed western standards. With this in mind, I came to Canada to read game design, hoping to be able to master the skills to develop Chinese game industry.